How to Choose the Right Fence for Your Commercial Property

How to Choose the Right Fence for Your Commercial Property

Having the right kind of fence around your property matters a lot, since it can dictate how private and how protected your area is. Are you a homeowner, store owner, or the proprietor of a building? Do you have a large compound or a small farm? Whatever your property is, there’s a fence that’s just right for it.

How to Choose the Right Fence for Your Commercial Property - Property

What are the factors that determine the right fence for you?

A fenceless property is at high risk from dangerous elements, from trespassers to strong winds. Therefore, it’s imperative that you install a decent fence system around your property. Several factors can help you determine what kind of fence you should have. Here are some of them:

  • Material 

The strength of a fence depends on what materials it is made of. This also dictates how much force it can withstand. Fences come in various compositions. There are metal fences, wooden fences, and chain link fences, plus some other varieties. Make sure that you survey your area to determine what kind of fence material will best suit your needs.

  • Design 

Fences are designed differently, depending their use. Some have large gaps between them, while some have a more solid design. Various fence heights also serve different purposes. It’s essential to choose the right fence design for your property to maximise the fence to its fullest.

  • Maintenance 

Installing a fence requires an investment of money and effort to install, that’s why having an easily maintainable fence is vital. The less you have to spend to keep your fence in shape, the better your initial investment will turn out to be. Pick the kind of fence that will be sure to last a long time, despite the wear and tear it will be subject to.

If the fence you’re looking at ticks off all the right elements, then you’ll be sure that it’s the perfect fence for your property.

How to Choose the Right Fence for Your Commercial Property - Property

What kind of fence should you have for your commercial property?

Depending on what kind of area you have, you should select a fence that is suited for the territory. Here are some suggested fence types for different types of commercial properties.

  • Show room or shop 

For a show room or shop, make the area more welcoming by using low fences and doing away with gates so that people can easily come in and peruse your goods. Low fencing also allows your store to be seen by passers-by and attract their attention, drawing them to purchase or at least see what you have. Use artistically designed fences as well to add to your property’s appeal.

  • Large compound 

A private compound within a commercial lot needs a bit more protection, so concrete walls with a gate are more advisable to be used. Additional height is also recommended to increase safety and enhance privacy, especially if people live on the site. You could also opt for chain-link fences with barbed wire to ward off would-be trespassers. Whatever fence type you use, the priority is protecting your house and loved ones.

  • Open market area 

If your area is designed as more of an open invitational market, use minimal fencing so that people can easily enter and purchase goods. Expect a crowd to always to be present within, so less fencing means more space for them. Besides, the use of minimal fences creates a more welcoming and inviting ambiance.

If you have the right fence for your commercial property, you’ll be able to avoid any issues and risks that may arise due to either lack of protection or too much seclusion. Always choose the right fence for the right area. Trust your Newcastle fencing specialist when it comes to your commercial fencing needs. Contact us today.


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