Sporting Field Fencing

Sporting fields need a robust fence to withstand the crowds of people leaning, sitting and shacking the fence.  A top rail is essential to the fence and a bottom rail is highly recommended. A total height of 1m is efficient for most sporting fields.

Cricket nets, baseball fields and discus fences all use economical chainwire.

To stop balls from leaving the playing fields, golf course etc, is is useful to build chainwire screens. These are commonly built to 6m high, but can be much higher if needed.

Tennis courts are commonly 3.6m high, with a top and bottom rail, though it is possible to eliminate the rails and replace them with cable wires, making it a much more cost effective.

Football Field Fencing

chainwire screen charlestown football field - Chainwire Fencing Newcastle

6m High Sporting Field Fencing

Sporting Field Fencing - Chainwire Fencing Newcastle