Gates either swing or slide. they can be made on a rake to suit the driveway or level. Gates are generally made to suit each fence although common sizes such as 1 m single gates and 6 m double gates are usually in stock. all gates are manufactured in our factory at Toronto and are manufactured to the highest of quality.

gates - Chainwire Fencing Newcastle

Automated sliding gates are becoming more common and are ideal where a wide and heavy gate is needed. Chainwire fencing specialists can arrange the whole process of automated gates, from connecting mains power to the motor, concreting a footing for the track to bolt on, to installing the motor.

Access can be with swipe card, remote  or keypad access.  Intercoms and laser safety beams, sensors in the driveway and many more extras associated with automated electric gates are useful so the gate does not close on a vehicle and/or person.   Alternatively you can use solar powered motors for the electric gates.