Chainwire Fencing Specialist provides high quality, locally made framing to commercial, residential and industrial clients of all types. Our frames come in fabricated lightweight steel that can be manufactured by our specialist team to the specifications required by your project, ensuring desired build outcomes.

Our fabricators will work with your architects and build plans to produce custom prefabricated frames of any type to suit your needs, helping to increase the lead time of your build.

Frames -
Frames -

We have the ability to produce a number of different types of frames, depending on the needs of our clients including, but not limited to:

  • Wall Frames
  • Floor Joist Frames
  • Roof Truss Frames
  • General Structural Support Frames
  • Door & Window Frames
  • Outdoor Decking Frames

The Benefits of Lightweight Steel Framing

Steel wall frames have increased in popularity over the last century for long list of reasons, and using lighter gauge steel has the added benefit of being safer and easier to manoeuvre – speeding up build times – along with having less weighted impact on the ground site.
Steel framing is now well known for its durability – with many steel manufacturers guaranteeing their material for 50 years or more. They stand the test of time when it comes to stability, and resist termites and pests with ease.

Lightweight steel framing has a versatility that enables an almost limitless customisation of builds; doorways, windows, halls and walkways – all of these can be added in easily when you’re working with steel wall framing. Well-built steel framing also leads to the installation and protection of proper insulation materials.
Steel frames can be used both as a structural support, and in the design phase as an aesthetic accent. Our lightweight steel frames come in a range of finishes that contribute to the overall look of the build, and when placed well can be truly beautiful to look at. A combination of steel and timber framing in Australia is an especially popular and timeless look for homes and businesses.

If you are starting out your build or working with a project in need of premium-grade steel framing – Chainwire Fencing Specialist has got you covered. Operating our manufacturing facility out of Toronto, our locally run business has the great privilege of employing experienced fabricators who are masters of their craft and live to help our clients get their dream result. Get in contact with us today for an obligation free quote!