8 Advantages of chainlink fencing over a wall

chainlink fencing over a wall - Chainwire Fencing Newcastle

Some reasons to stop unfairly overlooking the advantages of chainlink fences.

Fencing is a touchy issue, and more often than not, chainlink fences and concrete or brick walls often find themselves in the middle of the frequent tussles over what’s better. Ultimately, there can only be one victor, and in this case, the advantages chainlink fences provide definitely triumph over their competition.

Cost is, without a doubt, the first thing that crosses anyone’s mind when a topic concerning buildings is brought up. Chainlinks come out the victor in this first case. A scenario is presented where a wall would have to be built up at least 6 feet to be effective, and even then, they aren’t completely burglar proof.

Needless to say, concrete is expensive, and even more so bricks. Take the 6ft high wall test case, for example. On top of the already exorbitant cost of the materials is the additional cost of taxes, transportation costs, and labour.

A rough calculation yields a not-so-surprising result. In the end, a chainlink fence will cost less than half what it does to put up a wall around the same area of land, and with added benefits, too.

On the topic of maintenance, walls are a chore. Just so they don’t wear out, you need exterior paint (an additional cost), which has to be redone every five years or so.

Unlike walls, chainlink fences are easy to maintain. High-grade, quality galvanised chainlink fences come with a fifteen year warranty, and you can be sure nothing will happen to them within that time, oftentimes even more.

Time to debunk a myth. One of the most used, outdated comments you’ll hear from pro-wall activists advertising their agenda is ‘chainlink fences have zero privacy. You can see right through them.’

Ask any security expert and he’ll tell you. Chainlink fences have an optional privacy slat add-on that can either be inserted vertically, horizontally or diagonally in order to protect you from prying eyes and upgrade their aesthetic value.

On the topic of aesthetic value, another common argument is that ‘chainlink fences are ugly.’

Well, they weren’t made to be utilitarian. Chainlink fences are made to be completely functional, to serve the purpose for which they were originally invented, and that’s to keep crooks out and give you all the privacy you need.

To have a wall erected around your property, you are going to need to hire a contracting company, unless you have an army of body building workers at your disposal. Needless to say, this will cost you, and cost you big time.

Chainlink fences, on the other hand, are much easier to set up and assemble. No giant machinery hovering around your property, no inflation of bills and minimal risk, all in one package.

In the event of an earthquake or a similarly unpredictable weather phenomenon, walls are likely to crack and deteriorate over time. From a technical standpoint, walls can be built to be weather and environment resistant (meaning they will be thicker at the base, and reinforced with different materials), but at an additional cost. In the end, they could cost up to five times what a chainlink fence will cost.

Needless to say, chainlink fences are naturally resistant to weather and all sorts of earthly phenomena. Come rain, shine or earthquake, they have you covered for a solid fifteen years.

As mentioned beforehand, you’ll need to hire a contracting company to set up that wall for you. After ferrying their equipment and all the material they need over, it will take about three to four months before they are finally done with their job. This is, even more, time if you need that wall reinforced and painted.

It will take a lot less time for installation. Fencing the same piece of land with a chainlink fence will take about a month. No giant equipment needed, just a little bit of work and you have your fence.

The basic reasoning is that one time or another, that wall will need to be moved because of additional land acquisition. In this case, it’s pretty simple really. Walls are made to be rigid, static and immobile. If you ever need to expand your plot of land outwards, then the wall will have to come down.

With chainlink fences, the issue is a lot easier to get your head around. All that has to be done is dig up the fence from its concrete base and move it outwards to whatever suitable position. Voila! Minimal labour, minimal cost, maximum benefit.

The advantages of chainlink fences abound, and compared side by side with their rigid body counterparts, chainlink fences are inarguably the first go-to option for anyone time and money conscious.


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