Fencing around Construction Sites

Fencing around Construction Sites

Safety to persons and property should be a construction company’s priority.

Safety is paramount in every construction site. When protocols are ignored, a construction site becomes a safety hazard both to the workers and the public. That makes fencing all the more important.

Fencing keeps trespassers away. If a trespasser enters your site and gets injured, it could lead to a potential lawsuit. Fencing also wards off thieves from stealing valuable construction material.

Open ditches, iron sheets, sharp metal bars, and heavy equipment can harm people. If you are a foreman or contractor, you know that installing temporary fencing around a construction site is not just a prerogative but a priority.

temporary fencing

Things to consider before installing temporary fencing

Different worksites require different types of fencing. It is crucial to evaluate potential safety issues before putting up your fence. Here are some of the things that you need to consider when constructing a temporary barrier.

Size and budget

The first thing you need to assess is the size or dimension of your construction site. Identify the areas that require fencing and measure the perimeter so you can allot an appropriate budget.

Pedestrian and vehicular traffic

Another factor to consider is traffic flow – both pedestrians and motor vehicles. It is particularly important if your construction site lies near a walking path or public road.

Your perimeter fence should not interfere with the flow of traffic, cause harm to passers-by, or block visibility of road signs or traffic lights. Thus, it’s best to install gates that swing inwards to avoid crashing into people or vehicles.

Allow free space of at least 1.5 metres between your fence and the road to avoid infringing on a public facility. Additionally, you should display clear safety signs on the fence to warn pedestrians and motorists of potential hazards.

Cargo space

When installing a fence around your construction site, make sure that you take into account the amount of cargo that you load from delivery trucks. Provide a spacious access point for loading and unloading construction materials as well as easy entry and departure of large vehicles.

Choosing the right type of fencing for your site

Keep in mind that the sole purpose of fencing is to prevent unauthorised access while construction is ongoing; it is not to secure a facility permanently.

Since you’re installing a temporary fence, you should select a material that’s easy to put up and take down. Don’t waste money on an expensive or heavy fence. It should be simple but sturdy.

Here are some of the best choices for fencing around a construction site.

Wire mesh fencing

1. Wire mesh fencing

One of the most common types of temporary fencing is wire mesh. Why is it a popular option?

  • Wire mesh is strong and durable, which makes it effective in keeping intruders and trespassers away .
  • Wire mesh is lightweight, so fencing is easy to handle, assemble and install.
  • The poles are also lightweight and portable, requiring minimal work when moving from one location to another.
  • Wire mesh is versatile; it can be installed using panels or pounded posts.
Chain link with pounded posts

Chain link fences are a little more permanent than wire mesh since the posts are cemented into the ground. Reliable and efficient in stopping intruders, chain link fencing also keeps debris out and limits potential accidents. It is durable, easy to install, and allows water to flow from the construction site.

Chain link with panels

This type of chain link fencing is installed with panels instead of pounded posts. Panels make it easy to set the fence up, take it down, and move from one location to another – perfect for construction sites.

Safety barricades

4. Safety barricades

Barricades are effective in controlling traffic flow on road construction projects. They prevent vehicles and pedestrians from entering a restricted area which helps minimise accidents. Barricades also make people aware of the potential dangers within an enclosed site. Barricades are highly portable – move them from one location to another as needed.

An open, unsecured site can pose dangers to the public. It also makes your work area an easy target for theft as well as an eyesore to the community. Therefore, it is essential to secure your construction site with appropriate fencing.

Newcastle chainwire fencing contractor

Choose a trusted Newcastle chainwire fencing contractor.

Installing fencing around a construction site is also essential in avoiding  injuries and damage to property. Before starting any construction work, hire someone to conduct a survey on your site and analyse the areas that require additional security.

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