Tighes Hill Fencing

Secure Fencing is even more important where residential and industrial areas come together. Chainwire Fencing Specialist have been the leading installer in and around Tighes Hill for more than 15 years. Our installers are fully trained and competent to handle your Tighes Hill fencing needs. Tighes Hill Chainwire security fencing is available in galvanised or PVC powder coating which can be coated black or green.

Occupational health and safety policy, safe work method statements and job safety analysis are all up to date and frequently updated to ensure a safe working environment for employees, sub-contractors/contractors, clients, the public and the community in Tighes Hill. All applicable paperworks are available for public inspection in our offices.

No job, from small back yard jobs to construction sites, rail work or mine sites is too big or too small for Chainwire Fencing Specialists. The work will be conducted in a safe, professional and efficient manner. All fencing is proudly installed to Australian Standards.

Below are some of the types of areas that we use chainwire fencing for:

  • Games courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Cricket nets
  • Sporting fields
  • Animal enclosures
  • Internal partitions/ cages
  • Gates made to suit any size or style, hinged , sliding manual or automated
  • Tempory builders/site fencing
  • Bollards
  • Guard rail handrail
  • Repairs
  • Golf course screens
  • Rural
  • Colorbond
  • Retaining walls

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