Located about 76 kilometres north of Sydney, Gosford is a bustling town on the Central Coast. Its proximity to Newcastle makes it a popular holiday destination for surf and swim activities as well as trekking and shopping.

Why You Need Chainwire Fencing Services

Fencing is a necessary structure in every residential, commercial, or industrial property. Whether it’s a simple backyard or world-class golf course, you need to secure your entire facility to prevent unwanted entry of vehicles, people, and animals.

Chainwire or chain mesh is ideal for perimeter fencing for three main reasons:

  • It lets you see through the barrier and monitor the property in real-time.
  • It can be fabricated to variable height options.
  • It is affordable.

Chainwire fencing is sturdy and long-lasting, and it can be custom-designed to your specific requirements.

Services Offered by Chainwire Fencing Specialist

Gosford clients can choose from a wide range of fencing solutions offered by Chainwire Fencing Specialist.

Australian-made chainwire fencing is available in heights ranging from 0.6m to 3.6m, with 1.8m as the standard for security fences. Barbed wire can be installed on top for an added layer of protection. The galvanised metal of chainwire fencing is normally silver but Chainwire Fencing Specialist can add a black or green finish for a more modern look.

Press formed spear top is a popular choice for securing the perimeter of schools and diplomatic buildings. These solid gate enclosures can be installed even on sloping grounds.

Other fencing solutions from Chainwire Fencing Specialist include:

  • Swinging bi-fold gates
  • Remote controlled sliding gates
  • Construction site entrances
  • Fencing for tennis courts, cricket nets, baseball fields, go kart tracks, and golf courses
  • Dog pens, outdoor dog kennels, and other animal enclosures
  • Internal fencing partitions
  • Rural fencing
  • Fencing for walkways, jog paths, and park trails
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Why Choose Chainwire Fencing Specialist

Chainwire Fencing Specialist has decades of experience in securing perimeters of railway tracks, mining sites, and stadiums. Even if you only need fencing for a small job, our team of professionals is expected to apply the same workmanship and quality standards to your project.

Chainwire Fencing Specialist can offer the most effective and economical fencing solution for your security needs. Talk to us today about your location, appearance, access and budget requirements.