Types of Temporary Fencing

June 10, 2020 Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing offers an easy solution to ensure safety and control of an area. It is also convenient for when you are you yet to construct permanent fencing on your property. Its versatility and ease of set up make it an excellent choice for many property owners to serve different purposes. Before installing a temporary […]

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7 Different Types of Fencing

May 13, 2020 Types of Fencing

Choose from a variety of residential and commercial fencing available. A fence is essential to both homeowners and business owners. A fence is built to secure and enclose a given area to deter unauthorised or unwanted access. It can also be used to indicate boundaries, improve privacy, increase security, and add to its curb appeal. […]

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Chainwire Fencing as Animal Fencing

April 16, 2020 Animal Fencing

Keep your animals within your property whilst protecting your family and passers-by. More often than not, people underestimate the importance of choosing the right fencing for a property. Fences ¬†are more than just provide additional security and clearly established boundaries. With this, the material, cost, height, and placing all matter and should be properly thought […]

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How is Chainwire Fencing Used In and Around Sports Grounds?

March 31, 2020 Chainwire Fencing

Sport is an integral part of Australian culture. Sports activities help create stronger, healthier and happier communities. They bring people together and provide healthy social interaction. Sports grounds are beneficial for communities. It is, therefore, just as essential to keep it safe and protected through fencing. Why Sports Grounds Need Fencing Sports grounds fencing is […]

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Elegant and Sturdy: The Perfect Fence for your Estate

February 15, 2020 Estate Fencing

When it comes to the reasons for putting up a fence, there’s always a ton of factors to consider. Aesthetics, protection and security easily come to mind, and so does elegance and privacy. Naturally, installing a fence that ticks all the boxes is the best option. Even if your budget limits your choice range, having […]

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How Chainwire Fencing Works Well in Parking Lots

Protect your customers and their property by installing top quality chainwire fencing in the parking lot. Chainwire fencing, sometimes called chain mesh or chainlink, is a fence made of galvanised metal, stainless steel, or aluminium. It serves as a protective barrier for many private properties to serve as an additional security measure. There are plenty […]

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Fencing around Construction Sites

December 12, 2019 Construction fencing

Safety to persons and property should be a construction company’s priority. Safety is paramount in every construction site. When protocols are ignored, a construction site becomes a safety hazard both to the workers and the public. That makes fencing all the more important. Fencing keeps trespassers away. If a trespasser enters your site and gets […]

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Pros and Cons of Temporary Fencing

November 13, 2019 Temporary Fencing

In protecting private property, installing a fence is another way of adding security. Nowadays, temporary fences are highly sought after because they are useful in a variety of purposes and offer a multitude of benefits. For one, they are not secured to the ground, making them easy to use for crowd control and construction hoarding. […]

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How to Choose Chain Wire Fencing Products

October 23, 2019 Chainwire Fencing

Wire material and coating and mesh size are some of the aspects to consider. Different fencing requirements call for different fencing products. The choices can be overwhelming, and deciding which one is best can be confusing, especially for the inexperienced. With different varieties to choose from as well as different materials and types, we want […]

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Why Do Fences Have Gaps?

August 15, 2019 Fencing

Almost every home is fenced, whether partially or fully. A fence is a structure often made of a series of boards or slats held together by longer slats at the top and bottom. They serve several functions, depending on the needs of the property owner. Fences have several different designs, but one thing is shared […]

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