Fencing Your Tennis Court: What You Need To Know

May 30, 2019 Tennis court fencing

The fence of a tennis court is more than just for show. It serves to block the ball from the inside and protect spectators, property and passers-by. There are several factors you need to consider before constructing the fence for a tennis court. These considerations can heavily affect how people will play in that court. […]

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Choosing the Right Fence: Form vs. Function

April 2, 2019 Fencing tips

Back in the day, selecting a fence was all about function. The primary purpose for it   was to keep the dog in and unwanted pests out, so chain-link fences made of galvanised wire was enough for most homes. Today, neighbourhoods are lined with decorative fencing that reflects the unique personality of each homeowner. Fences not […]

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Hiring a Fencing Specialist this New Year

February 18, 2019 Fencing specialist

Your property needs protection from wildlife and intruders. Should you hire a professional fencing company or should you install the fence yourself? DIY projects often come with cost savings, but installing a fence is not an easy job for an amateur. When it comes to fencing installations, you might end up spending more if you […]

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Tips for Maintaining Your Fence in the Summer

January 30, 2019 Fencing maintenance

Chain link fencing does not last forever, but you can make sure it will protect your property for many years – or even decades – with regular maintenance. Here are some DIY maintenance tips to help you take care of your fence this summer. Remove debris Foliage can accumulate during the summer, so it is […]

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Improve Home Security with Fences

December 15, 2018 Home Security

Robert Frost wrote, “Good fences make good neighbours.” Benjamin Franklin said, “Love thy neighbour, yet don’t pull down your hedge.” Fences and hedges have long been essential to getting along with neighbours. Good neighbours are those who respect each other’s privacy and property. Good parents are those who keep their children and pets safe from […]

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When to Consider Chainwire Fencing

November 28, 2018 Chainwire Fencing

Fences are meant to help secure our homes and properties from a range of disasters and other risks. But have there been there instances where you’ve thought about changing your fence? Common reasons that would make you consider replacing your fence with a different style include: 1. Pests If your property is surrounded by a wooden […]

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Should I Worry about Rust on My Chainwire Fence?

October 24, 2018 Fence coating

Installing a quality chainwire fence for your home, estate, or business is a wise investment. Chainwire is strong and can last for decades. It protects everything that you hold dear: your business, your home, your family, your pets, your property, and the things that you have worked so hard for. A chainwire fence is also […]

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Learning More About Bollards

September 12, 2018 Bollards

Bollards create protective perimeters, mark boundaries, and guide vehicle or foot traffic. They are short posts that come in many shapes and styles, designed to stand out from their surroundings. Bollards can be made from cast iron, ductile iron, steel, concrete, aluminium, plastic, or wood. The materials from which they are made depends primarily on […]

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How Can Chainwire Fences Help Your Business

August 27, 2018 Commercial Fencing

A chain-wire fence is galvanised metal shaped into an open-weave mesh. It is durable, strong, and long-lasting. It can be used as a protective barrier for private and public properties, and commercial establishments, making it the preferred choice of fencing when both protection and visibility are important. As a business owner or manager, you may […]

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Main Benefits You Get from Commercial Fencing

August 1, 2018 Commercial Fencing

You’ve invested a lot of money, time, and effort in growing your business. Now, you want to make sure it’s safeguarded from all kinds of risks. Given that your business now occupies a larger space, it’s definitely time to get your commercial property fenced. Six benefits of fencing your business 1. Security Your business is your […]

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