Pros and Cons of Installing Chainwire Fencing in Schools

September 29, 2016 School fence

When it comes to schools, security is a top priority. Schools house many expensive equipment, like computers and projectors, so they are a prime target for thieves. Given these real threats, it is best to consider having chainwire fencing installed. Fencing isn’t only for security. It can also be used around sports fields or storage […]

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Rules to Remember in Installing Chainwire Fence

For Residential Purposes Thinking of installing a chainwire fence for your home in Hunter Valley? Like many homeowners, you’ve probably felt the need to increase the security around your property. Chainwire fencing is a good way to not only provide a safe space for your family, but also gives you a feeling of privacy while […]

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Traditional Wood Fencing vs. Tube and Mesh Fencing

September 1, 2016 Fencing

In case you are looking for different options for choosing a particular type of fencing style for you house, then this could well be end of you long search. And if you have had your options boiled down to Traditional Wood fencing and Tube and Mesh fencing, then a simple comparison might guide you in […]

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