Most Efficient and Economical Security Fencing

November 23, 2013 Security Fence

It is now more important than ever to install security fencing protecting one’s property. According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, there are nearly 15,000 robbery victims per year. In addition, property crime is occurring at much higher rates than most other crimes. These figures include intrusions into private and commercial properties. With such startling figures, one […]

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Common Fencing Mistakes People Make when Doing it Themselves

If you are the kind that loves to do it yourself and have decided that your next project will be adding a new fence to your property then this post is for you. Doing it yourself can be as challenging as it is rewarding and knowing some of the common fencing mistakes that get people […]

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Where it all Began – Chainwire Fencing

Are you confused when it comes to knowing what kind of fencing is suitable for your property? There are so many options available, but if you want to watch little Johnny playing in the yard while you wash the dishes, stop would be thieves from entering your car yard or tennis balls from leaving the […]

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